Phase 1 accomplished
Final Report & Prototype GIA estimate

Regional glacial isostatic adjustment and CryoSat elevation rate corrections in Antarctica (REGINA)

(all pictures by Liz Petrie)

The primary objective of the REGINA is to provide a regionally refined estimate of glacial-isostatic adjustment (GIA) in Antarctica from space-geodetic measurement (GOCE, GRACE, GPS and satellite altimetry), as well as advanced modeling of the solid Earth. As a final result, elevation rate corrections, along with their uncertainties, will be delivered for application to ESA's CryoSat data. There are six main scientific tasks addressed by the study:

The project is funded within the Support to Science Element (STSE) of the European Space Agency (ESA) though ESRIN contract No. 4000107393/12/I-NB.

last change: 11-01-2015
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